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Yes that's right, we provide the best farming practice guides for free to all our app users. Produce Quality, Sell Quality with Suasell.

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Understanding Our Market Needs.

We understand how hard it is it for farmers to get market for their produce, and how difficult it is for buyers to get quality produce. Suasell is here to bridge the gap and also guide our Farmers in producing quality outputs.

Understand who we are!

Suasell is an online one stop marketing platform that links buyers, sellers and service providers in the agriculture sector in Uganda and beyond.

With the advancement of IT and in attempt to interest the dot.com era into agriculture as a business there is need for all players in the sector to benefit from what IT offers both using mobile phones application and internet.

Therefore SUASELL provides this platform for only agriculture related service providers to access information advice and market their produce, products and business nationally and internationally.

You have an opportunity now to buy or trace your products right from the garden for “A healthy nation is a productive nation”…… NH

SUASELL was established by Advocacy Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture (ACSA) in Partnership with Sustainable Agriculture Programme - Caritas Kampala and Global-Wonders Technology who have a wealth of expertise in agriculture and are determined to make markets work for the farmers at all levels.

The main objective of “SUASELL” is to increase access to markets by all players in the agriculture sector with emphasis on farmers’ direct access to markets and eliminating middle men through ensuring online interface between farmers and buyers of their products and services.

Hence enabling the players maximize profits and benefits in the farming sector by connecting potential buyers and sellers of agriculture produce, products and services. We serve you with diligence, transparency, commitment and you are invited to log on SUASELL today to benefit from our services.

For other queries feel free to contact us through our email address info@suasell.com and contact numbers on +256 773969641 and +256 772 463220.

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