What is Suasell?

Suasell is a one-stop online portal for farmers and the entire Agriculture industry. Our aim is to ensure that farmers around the country have a one-stop easy access to buy or sell machinery, Agri-products, access market data and retailers. Suasell was set up by Advocacy Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture (ACSA) in Partnership with Sustainable Agriculture Programme (SAP) - Caritas Kampala and Global-Wonders Technology.

Who can use Suasell?

Anyone can use suasell as a Buyer or Seller, anyone can view, Buy or Sell any product from our platform but the contents to upload to suasell are only restricted to Agriculture industry, anything related to agriculture can be uploaded, so our platform may suit Farmers, Businesses, organizations or Farmers groups that want to sell their produce / products and services and expand their market reach.

How do I upload my item?

To upload your item, you need to be registered and logged on then click the POST ADS button on the top right corner and fill the required fields.

If you do not have an account, click Register Farmer as a Business, click on Register as Business to create one and start uploading.

How do I search for the product i want?

To search for the product you want, all you need is to know a name for the item or the category to which it may belong. You can also search by location, remember to keep your search term short to hit a target.

We have also made it easy to sort Items by name, date and price to easily find clients' interests.

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